Drive me Wild

Have you seen my new series? Sexy electricians definitely know how to turn things on…. Book One is out in print, but the eBook releases 9/6…..

Who thought one thunderstorm could put the entire event at risk. The bands started to arrive yesterday and no power was going to be an issue. Never mind the three hundred hot rods which needed to be ready for display. In a few hours, the gates were opening and the ticket holders expected a great show. Whatever it took, Jody was going to get it all done. This was her reputation at stake.

Cole had been restoring his 56 Chevy for years and this was its first public showing. The competition was tough, but he'd worked hard to get everything just right. With any luck, he'd take home the trophy.

But Jody is forced to recruit help by calling in a favor and Cole isn't pleased to have been the one who was volunteered.

Will Cole be able to save the day so his car doesn't sit on the sideline? Or will Cole learn that Jody is the final touch his car needs.

Ger ready for some fun RomCom

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Did you think they were gone?

Who doesn’t love the Henderson family? Book 9, Nine Rules of Engagement once again will be full of surprises…. and one of the will be the intro to my new series.

Do you want to know more? Then you’re going to need to read Nine Rules of Engagement. But get ready, because the Henderson family won’t be far.. You’ll find them in my new series, The Blank Check Series. Book One is up for pre-order.

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Ready to cuddle?

It is time for New Beginnings?

It’s cold outside.. and the year is coming to and end.. Maybe it’s time for New Beginnings!

Napoleon Oliveira never allowed anything to come between him and his dream. And yet a single clerical error has halted what he’s spent the last ten years working for.

Myla Alluri grew up knowing the lie was the only thing that protected her. Once free to live her life as she wished, she finds she’s still bound by her past. Breaking free would jeopardize the people who risked everything to save her.

When their paths cross their attraction is undeniable. Her lie is the one thing that stands between them and a future together.

Can he love her without knowing the truth or will she risk it all for him?

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