Just in Thyme for Family and Holiday Romance

Cold nights are a wonderful excuse to cuddle up under a warm blanket with a Holiday romance. And I wanted to tell you about an exciting new Holiday Barrington Billionaire Novella by NYTs and USA Today Bestselling Author Ruth Cardello. A Billionaire for Lexi includes two bonus synchronized novellas: Just in Thyme (by yours truly) and Midnight on the Slopes by Danielle Stewart along with letters and old photographs that will touch your heart. 

My sister, Ruth, writes about romance with a strong family theme. Soon after she started her own writing career, she encouraged me to join her. Together, along with Danielle, our niece, we created three series that intertwine through characters and plot. We call them synchronized books. One White Lie is the first book in my synchronized series with her. These new novellas will be a treat for everyone who has enjoyed any of the stories thus far and is looking for a new holiday adventures. For a sneak peek, I've included a holiday memory from the book (below).

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Book description:
World-renowned chef, Vincent Moretti, could have anyone, anything, anytime. Social events had a single agenda—build his business, which was why he couldn’t refuse the last-minute invite to the New Year’s charity event. When he learned his investors wouldn’t be there, he was angry he’d wasted his valuable time. 

Adventurous and loyal Renita Gallo had chosen to stay in Stowe, Vermont for one reason—her father. She wanted to be a teacher. He wanted her to follow in his footsteps and become a chef. When her father became ill and couldn’t cater the very important Barrington event at the Vermont resort, she was forced into a role she wasn’t prepared for, and into the presence of the most arrogant man she’d ever met. 
Renita was confounding, a woman who challenged Vincent, a woman so enchanting he couldn’t resist. Wouldn’t resist. She was also determined to ignore the allure of the devastatingly handsome Chef Moretti. 

Vincent ignited such passion within her that shook her steadfast sense of responsibility.

Thrown together during a snow storm, more than food will be cooking in the kitchen.