Tessa's coat

The weather is quickly turning from cool to COLD. The snow started falling overnight and we woke to a beautiful white landscape. When I was younger, I would’ve been outside with a shovel in one hand but snowball in the other just waiting for an unsuspecting sibling, (with 8 older brothers, it wasn’t an easy feat).

The one thing about getting older, is having a son who believes I’m too old to shovel. I could argue with him, but WHY? So instead of being out in the bitter cold, I got to spend the morning sitting at my sewing machine making my sweet pup Tessa a new coat. I laid three different types of fleece on the floor and told her to pick out which one she wanted. Instantly she picked the white one with flowers on it. I took if off the floor and placed it on the table. Then I told her to pick another one. She went right to the table the one with the flowers again. She is one girl to who’s what she likes.

Tessa laid at my feet during the entire creation process. For people who sew on a regular basis, this would’ve been an easy task, but I learned as I went. As you can see from Tessa, she isn’t complaining of my lack of skill but her cat Sammy seems to questioning my choice of stitch. 

Now all toasty warm I’m off to make some hot tea and read a spicy Christmas novella from one of my favorite authors. Can’t ask for a better day!