Animal rescue

I love sharing stories and pictures of my sweet puppy Tessa. If you’ve read Southern Delight, you’ll see Bailey found a rescue of her own through FOHA, Friends Of Homeless Animals. This is the animal rescue where I found Tessa earlier this year.

Tessa has brought so much joy into my life. I cannot put on my shoes without her talking up a storm asking to go for a ride. She doesn’t care how long or short it is, she just wants to be with me. My long term goal for her as she gets a bit older is to have her volunteer as a pet therapy dog with the elderly and handicap. If you met her you’d see she is just the most gentle girl.

I thought my "family" was complete with just her and I, but I was wrong. A few months back PawsWatch of RI had a cat which was injured and needed close watching after surgery. I had the time and space needed to care of him until he was ready for adoption.

The cat would cry in his crate and Tessa would sleep right in front needing to keep him company. Before you know it, the cat came out and Tessa decided it was her job to keep the cat clean. After a month of nursing the cat back to health it was obvious my baby girl had adoption plans of her own.

Sammy the cat joined our family on my birthday in July, and Tessa and Sammy are best buds. They sleep together and get into trouble together. I think my family is complete….. Unless these two have other idea’s which they haven’t yet shared with me.

I’d like to thank both FOHA and PawsWatch of RI for all they do. Without volunteers such as these two groups, I wouldn’t have my fur babies. Hope you enjoy pictures of my sweet family.