Virgin For The Fourth Time

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Virgin For The Fourth Time is here!

There are some wounds that only love can heal...

 What are readers saying about this book?

"Wow. Never saw this coming. I couldn't put it down. Once again the bar was raised. You wanted to sit and cry with Zoey as you learn more about the families past and smile and laugh as you see the loving connection between her and Bennett."

"I can honestly say I have read all of Jeannette's books. With every book she has written she has improved each character and each story. I think Bennett and Zoey from Virgin for the Fourth Time have become her best ones yet. But if this is any indication from what every book she has presented I believe her characters will get better and stronger, and may I just say addicting."

"Get ready for the ride. This book is filled mystery, love and passion. I'm not sure how Jeannette is going to be able to top this one!"

"Once again Jeannette Winters has blown me away with another brilliant story. The characters are so believable that you feel like you're rooting for a family member. Get ready for another unforgettable story as you follow Bennett and Zoey, in Virgin for the fourth time."

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