A vacation or a brainstorming session?

I’ve been a bit absent lately as I’ve decided to take the time to smell the roses. My time hasn’t been filled with fancy restaurants or expenses trips. Instead, I’ve spent time with friends. It’s amazing what a pot of tea and laughing until your sides hurt can do.

If you think that means I’m behind the eight-ball on finishing my next book, well you’d miss the mark on that one. The joy of spending time with the girls and laughing so hard about whatever crazy plot comes to mind has been priceless. They might not be writers, but my friends sure do have wild imaginations. 

As I sit back down at my laptop, my heart is filled with joy, my mind filled with stories and my fingers ready and raring to go.

As I gear up for the big release of A Rose for the Billionaire on April 24, 2017, I think of family, friends, and readers. If it weren't for all of you, the 24th would be just another Monday. Instead, it is something I share will you all. Thank you for all being part of my journey.

You all know how to find me. Drop me a message, or shoot me off a funny story you want to share. I love to hear from you.