Happy Father's Day

Today is a day I sit back and am thankful for all the men who are fathers. I grew up with eight older brothers who are all wonderful fathers and now some of them grandfathers. J Where did the time go???

Yet it’s my father that had shown us all what it meant to be Dad. He taught us to work hard, be truthful, respect ourselves and to treat people they way you’d want to be treated.

Even though he raised 11 children of his own, he had more love to give and did so with a boat load of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I am proud of who my son has turned out to be as a man. I know it was because how close he was with my father. They had a special bond and one that I’m grateful for.

When my son wanted to grow his hair long to donate to Locks Of Love, my father joined him in the competition to encourage him. By the way, to all our surprise, my father won!

Although he is no longer with us, I know I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for having had him in my life.

 Happy Fathers Day!

And me and my Dad, many many moons ago.........