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“another nail biter, Jeanette Winters has another winner in my book. Alex's and Ziva's story is way beyond a love story. Oh, it's definitely a love story but so much more. The Henderson family will never be the same again. There are covert operations, there are really bad guys and women you won't believe. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had me on the edge of my seat, had my stomach in knots and my nails bitten to pieces. I highly recommend this whole series the twists and turns in the family will keep you on your toes.” Bev

WOW!!His For Five Nights book by Jeannette Winters is book #5 in the Barrington Billionaire's series and is an action-packed, suspenseful, heart-breaking(at times), emotional, mystery laden, emotional re-union book with romance! Alexander(Alex) Henderson(our hero) is looking for answers about his mother. In previous books from this series we learnt Alex's father was a mean and evil man, a person everyone would hate(and after reading this book only comfirms he was even worse than anyone thought!!). Traveling to a foreign country to find the answers about his mother, Alex meets Ziva Grzyb(our heroine) who doesn't trust anyone with the last name Henderson especially Alex. Ziva is a strong woman who is trying to help the young girls and women in her country from being snatched by human trafficking ring and also she tries to help them escape. This is where Alex and Ziva's story intertwines, Alex is trying locate his mother(who he believes at one time was one of the women snatched by this ring many years ago) and Ziva trying to save all she can. There is distrust but also chemistry between Alex and Ziva leading to a HEA. I encourage you to read this book to read how this HEA comes about, there is just too much in this story for me to tell you about. His For Five Nights kept me reading, I couldn't put this book down. Wonderful action-packed romance and a GREAT addition to the series!!  Cindy

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His For Five Nights

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