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A Rose For The Billionaire, Book Six

Doug Atwood is determined to help his fellow servicemen cope with PTSD so they can return to a normal life and their loving families. The one thing he never had.

Rose Davis wants to be respected as a woman with her own hopes and dreams. She is a trusted, capable, registered nurse in a busy emergency room. No one ever questioned her judgement, except her family.

Rose’s family intrudes once again in her personal life by setting her up with Doug, her brother’s friend. This time she decides to play along and beat them at their own game.

One innocent kiss changes all the rules and ups the stakes. Will their passion crumble the walls they’ve built around their hearts or will their own demons consume them?

I am happy to say Book Six is available.

If you enjoyed Doug in All Bets Off and Virgin For The Fourth Time, you're going to fall in love with him in A Rose For The Billionaire!

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