New series coming your way! Meet the Turchetta's,,,

Did you really think that I wouldn't have something new coming in 2018? Well I have a six book romantic intrigue series that you're going to love. You met the Turchetta's in A Rose For The Billionaire and also in His For Five Nights. They are called in by even the most powerful families when things need a special touch. 

Book One, For Honor, is up for Pre-order today.

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Where it all began!

I can't believe it. My first book was published February 15, 2015. I was so nervous as I never for a moment believed anyone would want to read my stories. 

Since that time, I've learned so much. Not just from other author's but from readers as well. Each time someone takes a minute and composes a review of my book,  good or bad, I read them. It helps me grow.  Thank you everyone!

So if you want to know where I started, Book One, The Billionaire's Secret is FREE.

The Billionaire’s Secret

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First I'd like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has made His For Five Night's the most memorable book release yet. It was great talking about some of the other Henderson's and their stories as well. They are book boyfriends we don't want to forget. And will see again in book SIx. ha ha. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as me.

I'd also like to give a special THANK YOU to MLD Graphics for providing all these AWESOME graphics for the games. They were perfect! If you know anyone who is looking for graphic's they might want to contact her,

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And last but not least, here are the winners. i have messaged you all for your mailing address. Please be sure to get it to me by Friday so I can ship out your prize. So excited we have international winners too! LOVE THAT.. Makes me want to travel!

Day 6: Missy Noecker
Day 5: Sam McF
Day 4: Lea Jerancic
Day 3: Geri Hoffman
Day 2: Renee Grant
Day 1: Tami Schafer
LIVE: Joyelle Vadenais

Hot New Release!

A Rose For The Billionaire, Book Six

Doug Atwood is determined to help his fellow servicemen cope with PTSD so they can return to a normal life and their loving families. The one thing he never had.

Rose Davis wants to be respected as a woman with her own hopes and dreams. She is a trusted, capable, registered nurse in a busy emergency room. No one ever questioned her judgement, except her family.

Rose’s family intrudes once again in her personal life by setting her up with Doug, her brother’s friend. This time she decides to play along and beat them at their own game.

One innocent kiss changes all the rules and ups the stakes. Will their passion crumble the walls they’ve built around their hearts or will their own demons consume them?

I am happy to say Book Six is available.

If you enjoyed Doug in All Bets Off and Virgin For The Fourth Time, you're going to fall in love with him in A Rose For The Billionaire!

Grab your copy today!

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Southern Charm!

What am I working on right now? Southern Charm, Book Five in my Southern Desires Series. Yup you read it right. I’m adding to this series. Maggie has a story that just needed to be told. You first met her in Southern Delight, then again Southern Regions. If you thought all had been resolved in Book Four, Southern Regions, wait till you see what is revealed in this one.

Don’t miss out, pre-order today!

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Can't wait to hear from you.  

Cover Reveal, Southern Charm & Southern Sass

I am enjoying writing my Southern Desires Series so much. There were a few people who would not stop talking to me.. So I have added two more books in this series. Maggie will be Book Five, Southern Charm and Sissie will be Book Six, Southern Sass. Check out the covers below.

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Thank you again for all the lovely messages regarding this series. I treasure each one of them...HUGS

Southern Exposure, Limited Offer!

Looking for some Spicy Intrigue? Have you read Southern Exposure, Book Two, in my Southern Desires series? If not, here’s your chance to download your copy. Reduce price for a limited time! Happy Reading!

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 Mark Collins dedicates his life to serve and protect in the Navy. He excels at what he does but at the cost of being emotionally detached.

Hannah Entwistle left her small hometown to follow her dreams. Just when they are within reach, she had to return to care for her father.

Torn between honoring a promise to restore the family homestead and wanting to follow her heart, Hannah finds herself in a place she never wanted to be: lost and alone in Savannah.

Mark wasn’t expecting complications when he chose this job on the side, but her southern charm storms his defenses. When her life is threatened, will duty trump love?